Kumu Honua Mauli Ola

The Kumu Honua Mauli Ola Philosophy Statement was prepared in 1998 by a group of Hawaiian-speaking educators to document and clarify the basis of schooling through Hawaiian. To ensure a wide representation of perspectives, the group was comprised of three generations of native and second language speakers of Hawaiian. These individuals came from all levels of teaching from preschool through university.

At the core of the philosophy’s foundation lies the mauli Hawaiʻi, the unique life force which is cultivated by, emanates from, and distinguishes a person who self-identifies as a Hawaiian. If tended properly, this mauli, like a well tended fire, can burn brightly. If not, like a neglected fire, it can die out.

Four major elements of an individual’s life-giving mauli are identified ~

  • Ka ʻAoʻao Pili ʻUhane: the spiritual element
  • Ka ʻAoʻao ʻŌlelo: the language element
  • Ka ʻAoʻao Lawena: the physical behavior element
  • Ka ʻAoʻao ʻIke Kuʻuna: the traditional knowledge element

Mauli cannot survive if there are not also honua – places where we freely express our mauli. The Kumu Honua Mauli Ola Philosophy Statement guides ʻAha Pūnana Leo to continually establish honua where Mauli Ola Hawaiʻi can burn brightly.

Download a free .pdf version of the Kumu Honua Mauli Ola Philosophy Statement here.
Or you can purchase a hard copy of this book via the Hale Kuamoʻo by calling 808-932-7430.



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