ʻUo Mamo

Ka Lei ʻUo Mamo

Teacher-Student-Parent Collaborative

The ʻuo is a small bundle of feathers tied together with olonā cordage used by the feather maker to create a beautiful and precious adornment, such as a cape or lei.  The mamo is the Hawaiian bird that once supplied the most excellent of yellow feathers.  Another meaning of the mamo is descendents, our precious children.

Ka Lei ʻUo Mamo is our schools collaborative partnership team consisting of teacher, student and parent representatives from each class. This team is responsible for organizing and facilitating various class activities and school events.  We also arrange our schools participation in community events, such as the Merrie Monarch Parade.

Most importantly Ka Lei ʻUo Mamo serves as a bridge of communication between the teacher, student and ʻohana. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding your keiki, their class, or our school. Please begin by contacting your ʻUo Mamo representatives.

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